Table Football Game

How to Play Table Football Game


1. Find a suitable table football game, also known as foosball, with two opposing teams and a playing field.

2. Divide players into two teams, with each team taking control of the handles on their respective side.

3. Place the ball in the center of the table and decide which team will start the game.


1. The game begins with one player from the starting team serving the ball by pushing or spinning it into play from their side.

2. Players control the rods with handles to maneuver the players on their team, trying to hit the ball into the opponent’s goal.

3. Each player must keep at least one hand on the handles at all times, except when the ball is out of play.

4. The ball must touch at least two players on each team before a goal can be scored.

5. Goals can be scored from any position on the playing field, including rebounds from the walls.

6. The game continues until a predetermined number of goals is reached, or a specific time limit is reached.

7. If the ball goes out of play, it is returned to the nearest player on the team who did not touch it last.

8. Players must not spin the rods excessively or aggressively, and they must avoid rough play or dangerous maneuvers.

Rules and Fouls

1. A goal is scored when the ball crosses the goal line into the opponent’s goal.

2. If a player touches the ball with anything other than the rods and handles, a foul is committed.

3. If a player’s hand or arm crosses the boundary of the playing field, it is considered a foul.

4. If a player spins the rods excessively or lifts the table, it is a foul.

5. After a foul, the opposing team receives a free shot or continues playing from their current position, depending on the specific rules being followed.

6. Continuous fouls or unsportsmanlike conduct may result in penalties or disqualification.

Winning the Game

The team that scores the predetermined number of goals first or has the most goals at the end of the time limit wins the game. In case of a tie, additional time or a penalty shootout may be used to determine the winner.

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