Sword And Sandals

Sword and Sandals: How to Play Guide


The objective of Sword and Sandals is to create a mighty gladiator and guide them through various challenges, battles, and tournaments to become the ultimate champion of the arena.

Character Creation

  1. Start by creating your gladiator character.
  2. Customize your gladiator’s appearance, including their name, gender, hairstyle, and facial features.
  3. Choose their initial attributes, such as strength, agility, vitality, charisma, and intelligence.

Arena Battles

  1. Engage in turn-based battles against other gladiators in the arena.
  2. Plan your actions strategically, including attacks, defense, and using special abilities.
  3. Consider your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses to exploit them during battles.

Training and Leveling Up

  1. Train your gladiator to improve their attributes and skills.
  2. Earn experience points by winning battles and completing quests.
  3. Allocate attribute points to enhance your gladiator’s abilities and unlock new skills.

Weapons, Armor, and Equipment

  1. Acquire and equip various weapons, armor, and accessories to improve your gladiator’s combat capabilities.
  2. Visit the marketplace to buy new equipment or upgrade existing ones.
  3. Choose equipment that complements your gladiator’s playstyle and maximizes their strengths.

Quests and Challenges

  1. Embark on quests and challenges outside of the arena.
  2. Complete missions, slay monsters, and explore different locations.
  3. Earn rewards, experience points, and unlock new opportunities by successfully completing quests.


  1. Participate in prestigious tournaments to prove your gladiator’s prowess.
  2. Compete against other skilled fighters to win fame, fortune, and valuable prizes.
  3. Prepare your gladiator by training, equipping the best gear, and strategizing for each tournament.

Gladiator Retirement

  1. As your gladiator progresses, they may retire after a long and successful career.
  2. Retired gladiators can pass on their legacy to a new generation of fighters.
  3. Start a new game with the offspring of your previous gladiator, inheriting some of their attributes and skills.

Champion of the Realm

  1. Work your way up through challenging battles and tournaments to become the ultimate Champion of the Realm.
  2. Defeat powerful opponents, including mythical creatures and legendary warriors.
  3. Prove your worth as the greatest gladiator in the land.

Strategy and Tactics

  1. Develop a strategy that suits your playstyle and the strengths of your gladiator.
  2. Experiment with different combinations of attributes, skills, and equipment to find the most effective tactics.
  3. Adapt your strategy based on the opponents you face and the challenges you encounter.

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