Red Ball 4

How to Play Red Ball 4


The controls for Red Ball 4 are simple and intuitive:

  • Use the arrow keys to move the red ball left or right.
  • Press the up arrow key to make the ball jump.


Your goal in Red Ball 4 is to guide the red ball through each level, overcoming obstacles and defeating enemies, in order to save the world from the evil squares.


Here are the key gameplay elements in Red Ball 4:

1. Platforms and Terrain

Navigate through various platforms and terrains, such as hills, tunnels, and cliffs. Be careful not to fall off the edges!

2. Enemies

Avoid or defeat enemies, such as square creatures and other hazards, by jumping on top of them.

3. Stars

Collect stars scattered throughout the levels to earn points and increase your score. Some stars may require solving puzzles or reaching hidden areas.

4. Power-ups

Occasionally, you’ll encounter power-ups that grant you special abilities. These can help you overcome challenging obstacles or defeat enemies more easily.

5. Boss Fights

At the end of each world, you’ll face a boss. Study their patterns and find their weaknesses to defeat them and progress to the next world.

6. Save Friends

As you progress, you’ll come across your trapped friends. Free them by reaching their location, and they will join you on your mission to save the world.

7. Checkpoints

When you pass a checkpoint, your progress will be saved. If you lose a life, you’ll respawn at the last checkpoint you reached.


  • Plan your jumps carefully to avoid falling into gaps or getting hit by enemies.
  • Experiment with different strategies to defeat bosses effectively.
  • Explore each level thoroughly to find hidden secrets and collect extra stars.
  • Timing is crucial. Learn the movement patterns of enemies and platforms to progress smoothly.


With this guide, you should now have a good understanding of how to play Red Ball 4. Jump, roll, and defeat enemies as you navigate through the levels to save the world!

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