Poop Clicker

Poop Clicker: How to Play Guide


The objective of Poop Clicker is to generate as much poop as possible by clicking and unlocking various upgrades and features.

Starting Off

  1. Launch the Poop Clicker game and choose a difficulty level.
  2. Once you’re ready, click “Start” to begin your poop-clicking adventure.

Clicking Mechanics

  1. The core gameplay revolves around clicking on the screen to generate poop.
  2. Each click produces a certain amount of poop, which is used as the game’s currency.

Poop Upgrades

  1. Use the accumulated poop to purchase upgrades and enhance your poop production.
  2. Invest in upgrades like faster digestion, larger intestines, or improved nutrition to increase the rate at which poop is generated.

Poop Automation

  1. Unlock automation features to automate the poop generation process.
  2. Purchase items such as laxatives, fiber-rich diets, or poop-boosting animals to generate poop even when you’re not actively clicking.

Unlock New Poop Types

  1. As you progress in the game, you can unlock different types of poop.
  2. Each type of poop has unique characteristics and benefits.
  3. Experiment with different poop types to optimize your production and earn more poop.

Poop Boosters

  1. Activate poop boosters to temporarily increase your poop generation rate.
  2. Use boosters strategically to maximize your poop production during important moments.

Poop Research

  1. Allocate a portion of your poop to research and unlock new upgrades.
  2. Research new technologies to enhance poop generation, explore new poop types, or discover secret features.

Special Events

  1. Participate in special events that offer unique challenges or rewards.
  2. Keep an eye out for limited-time events and make the most of the opportunities they present.

Compete and Achievements

  1. Compete with other players and aim for the top ranks in the leaderboard.
  2. Earn achievements by reaching specific milestones in poop production.
  3. Showcase your achievements and compare your progress with others.

Strategic Planning

  1. Develop a strategy to optimize your poop production and resource management.
  2. Plan your upgrades and investments wisely to maximize your poop output.
  3. Continuously adapt your strategy as you unlock new features and challenges.

Continuous Growth

  1. Poop Clicker is a game of continuous growth and expansion.
  2. Keep clicking, upgrading, and researching to generate more poop and unlock exciting features.
  3. Enjoy the satisfaction of building a colossal poop empire.

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