Polyblicy: How to Play Guide


The objective of Polyblicy is to become a successful politician by making strategic decisions, managing resources, and navigating through various political challenges.

Starting Off

  1. Launch the Polyblicy game and select a difficulty level.
  2. Choose your character and political party.
  3. Click “Start” to begin your political career.

Political Decision-making

  1. Make crucial decisions on various political matters, such as policy reforms, economic strategies, and social issues.
  2. Consider the consequences of each decision and its impact on your popularity, finances, and the well-being of your constituents.

Resource Management

  1. Manage your resources, including money, public opinion, and influence.
  2. Allocate funds wisely to fund campaigns, public initiatives, and infrastructure development.
  3. Monitor public opinion and adjust your policies and actions accordingly to maintain support.


  1. Engage in election campaigns to win votes and secure political power.
  2. Plan campaign strategies, organize rallies, and address public concerns.
  3. Consider demographic factors, such as age, income, and location, when tailoring your campaign messages.

Lobbying and Alliances

  1. Build alliances with other political parties, interest groups, and influential individuals.
  2. Engage in lobbying activities to gain support for your policies and advance your political agenda.
  3. Negotiate and compromise when necessary to form strategic alliances.

Policy Reforms

  1. Implement policy reforms to address pressing issues and improve the lives of your constituents.
  2. Consider the long-term effects of each policy, such as economic growth, social equality, and environmental sustainability.
  3. Balance the needs of different interest groups and manage potential backlash.

Political Challenges

  1. Face various political challenges, such as scandals, protests, and international relations.
  2. Make difficult decisions to overcome these challenges while maintaining your political standing.
  3. Adapt and respond effectively to unexpected events to minimize their impact on your career.

Public Relations

  1. Manage your public image and engage with the media.
  2. Hold press conferences, give interviews, and respond to media inquiries.
  3. Craft persuasive messages and communicate effectively to shape public perception.

Global Diplomacy

  1. Engage in international diplomacy to foster relationships with other countries.
  2. Negotiate trade agreements, participate in global summits, and resolve conflicts peacefully.
  3. Balance national interests with global cooperation for the benefit of your country.

Achievements and Legacy

  1. Strive to leave a lasting legacy through your political achievements.
  2. Earn achievements by reaching significant milestones and successfully implementing impactful policies.
  3. Aim to be remembered as a great statesperson who made a positive difference.

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