Fire Boy Water Girl

Fire Boy Water Girl: How to Play Guide


The objective of Fire Boy Water Girl is to guide the two characters through various levels filled with puzzles and obstacles, collecting gems and reaching the exit door.


  1. Fire Boy: Use the arrow keys to move.
  2. Water Girl: Use the WASD keys to move.
  3. Both characters can jump by pressing the spacebar.


  1. Coordinate the movements of Fire Boy and Water Girl to overcome challenges together.
  2. Use their unique abilities to solve puzzles, such as Fire Boy’s ability to pass through fire and Water Girl’s ability to pass through water.

Elemental Hazards

  1. Fire hazards can harm Water Girl, so avoid touching them with her.
  2. Water hazards can harm Fire Boy, so avoid touching them with him.
  3. Look for switches to deactivate or create paths to overcome these hazards.

Gem Collection

  1. Collect all the gems in each level to earn maximum points.
  2. Some gems may require cooperation between Fire Boy and Water Girl to reach.
  3. Keep an eye out for hidden gems in hard-to-reach places.

Color-Coded Buttons and Doors

  1. There are color-coded buttons and doors throughout the levels.
  2. Both characters must step on the corresponding buttons to open doors of the same color.
  3. Timing and coordination are crucial to pass through the doors together.

Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces

  1. Mirrors and reflective surfaces are used to redirect beams of light.
  2. Fire Boy’s beam of light can activate certain mechanisms, and Water Girl’s beam can do the same for different mechanisms.
  3. Use mirrors strategically to manipulate the beams and solve puzzles.

Levers and Platforms

  1. Some levels contain levers that activate platforms.
  2. Fire Boy or Water Girl must stand on the platforms while the other character activates the lever.
  3. Work together to reach higher areas or cross large gaps using these platforms.

Teleportation and Portals

  1. Teleportation portals appear in some levels.
  2. Step into a portal to be instantly transported to another location on the level.
  3. Use these portals strategically to bypass obstacles or reach inaccessible areas.

Timing and Precision

  1. Some levels require precise timing and quick reflexes.
  2. Pay attention to moving platforms, disappearing blocks, and other time-sensitive obstacles.
  3. Work together to synchronize your movements and overcome these challenges.

Level Completion

  1. To complete a level, both characters must reach the exit door.
  2. Ensure that both Fire Boy and Water Girl are safely at the door to progress to the next level.
  3. Celebrate your success and get ready for the next exciting challenge!

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