Cat Trap Game


How to Play Cat Trap Game


The objective of Cat Trap Game is to strategically move the mice and the cat on a grid to either trap the cat or help it escape.

Game Setup

  1. Set up a square grid board with a dimension of 5×5, 7×7, or 9×9, depending on the desired level of difficulty.
  2. Place the cat token on the center cell of the grid.
  3. Place the mice tokens on the outer edge cells of the grid, leaving the corners empty.


  1. The game is played in turns, with the player controlling the cat and the computer (or opponent) controlling the mice.
  2. On each turn, the player can move the cat token to any adjacent cell horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The cat cannot jump over other tokens or move onto occupied cells.
  3. The mice can only move along the outer edge cells of the grid, also horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  4. The player and the opponent take turns moving their respective tokens.
  5. The cat’s goal is to escape by reaching any of the four corner cells of the grid.
  6. The mice’s goal is to surround the cat in such a way that it cannot move.

Winning the Game

  1. If the cat reaches any of the corner cells, the player wins.
  2. If the mice successfully surround the cat in such a way that it cannot make a legal move, the opponent wins.
  3. If the game reaches a point where neither the cat nor the mice can make a legal move, it is a draw.

Strategy Tips

  1. As the cat, try to create openings and avoid being cornered by the mice.
  2. As the mice, work together to block the cat’s movements and limit its options.
  3. Plan several moves ahead and anticipate your opponent’s strategies.
  4. Use the edges of the board to your advantage, as they can limit the cat’s movements.
  5. Consider sacrificing a mouse token strategically to create opportunities for the others.


  1. You can increase the difficulty by playing on larger grids or adding more mice.
  2. You can also try playing with more than one cat token or additional special tokens with unique abilities.


Trap the Cat is a fun and challenging game that requires strategic thinking and planning. By following the rules and implementing effective strategies, you can enjoy an engaging gameplay experience with friends or against a computer opponent.

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